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Super Nova Power Squad

Super Nova Power Squad

We know girls run the world, but unfortunately that means we don’t always have time to look after our hair and give it the TLC it deserves. We become guilty of neglecting our (hair) crown, not because we don’t care but because we just don’t know where to start.

We’ve all been there, standing in front of the mirror with a cabinet full of products in front of us that all claim to revolutionise hair, and the vision of glory in our eyes. We layer them on expecting to tousle away, and with a flick of our hair we turn to the mirror with the appearance of a Greek goddess in the reflection. We all know the reality though, hair is left heavy from all the product build up and the only option is a ponytail or trusty top knot until you find time to wash your hair (let’s be real, could be days later).

Just as you’d turn to your squad with relationship woes, it’s time to enlist them in your hair rise to glory. We’ve brought our hair squad to you in one miracle remedy that slays, treating a myriad of hair concerns and challenges.

Our super nova leave-in elixir is the star-powered squad you want behind you. This miracle multi-purpose spray leaves locks refreshed and strengthened in one application, without build up so no ponytails necessary - flick that hair girl!

Meet the squad that make up super nova:

Vego Yogi - With a shot of vegetable protein, apple extract and fennel your ends go into slow motion, warding off split ends and putting your hair into zen mode.

Frizz Fighting Bodyguard - It may be tough on frizz but your bodyguard softens and controls your hair with soothing aloe-vera and citrus lemon fruit extract.

Personal Hair Masseuse - With the rich and strengthening properties of sunflower seed oil your strands receive a daily massage to nourish and restore your damaged hair.

Sun Shielder - With the powers of a superhero’s shield, and the antioxidant strength of grape seed extract, UV rays are no match leaving your hair colour to be bold and beautiful.

Private Trainer - Brittle hair gets pumping to strengthen strand by strand with rosemary leaf extract.

Goldilocks - Apple and rosemary seed extracts support hair growth, whilst fennel and citrus aurantium dulcis fruit extract thicken and strengthen your locks, giving rapunzel a run for her money.

Spotlight Runner - Strut it with a permanent spotlight of shine thanks to chamomile extract, sunflower oil and calendula extract.

Stylist on Call - no hair malfunctions here! A unique blend of 11 natural fruit and vegetable extracts creates irresistibly soft, glossy and totally manageable hair that you can rely on.

With a hair squad as powerful as this one, it might be time to release your own music video full of hairography because it’s your hair, your life, your rules!