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Take Your Blonde Temperature

Take Your Blonde Temperature

It’s time to take out our blonde thermostat and discover some of our favourite blonde temperatures. There’s almost a whole colour wheel of blonde shades, from the coolest platinums, to the warmth of caramels and heat of liquid gold. No matter what temperature you are, you have to take the right steps to maintain your luscious locks and keep it glowing.

With any blonde transformation your hair quality will change, unfortunately this is the price we have to pay for being blonde bombshells. To fight the damage early on speak with your stylist about adding bhave rescue therapy into your tints or highlights to maintain your hairs strength, structure and elasticity.

If you’ve already undergone your blonde transformation and feel that your hair is in need of a repair, never fear, there is a solution for you! One of our signature in-salon treatments would be perfect to nourish and rebuild the integrity of your hair. Depending on the condition of your hair, and if you’re looking to have sleek locks or keep that natural body in your hair, we have a treatment for you. Discuss with your hairdresser what you’d like to achieve, and your hair health woes and they will match the treatment to you!

For damaged locks, at home your new hair BFF’s will be rescue shampoo and conditioner, and our deep conditioning masque! Enriched with bio-active keratin and macadamia oil, our rescue range will nourish and protect your hair, whilst providing deep care to repair its structure strand by strand. Adding the deep conditioning masque into your weekly hair routine will provide that extra TLC that will leave your hair luscious, moisturised and glowing.

To slow down any fading, and avoid brassy tones in your gorgeous blonde mane, make sure to arm yourself with blonde bombshell shampooconditioner. Brassy tones will be neutralised and your blonde will be ignited back to life! Infused with bio-active keratin, argan and macadamia oil, and aloe vera your hair won’t just be brightened back to its full blonde glory, but it will also be protected, nourished, and enriched with moisture.

Now it’s time to talk our fave blonde temperatures!

Ice Queens

Let’s take it back to the gymnasium of Bring it On because ‘Brrr… it’s cold in here!’ It’s so cold our thermometer can’t even register the temperature, but for our ice queen blondes out there this is the perfect temp! Icy platinums and ashy tones have been on the radar for quite some time but when Kim Kardashian emerges from her bodyguard fortress with those sleek ice locks we go into utter obsession. Kimmy K makes it look so easy but full disclaimer tribe, getting that ice queen realness takes time, and you have to be prepared to care for those locks! Sardella/Getty

If you’re taking the plunge from brunette, or darker, make sure you take your time. Becoming an ice queen doesn’t happen overnight and if you try to you won’t have your crown for much longer. The transformation will take stages, but with real expectations going in and armed with the right hairdresser and toner your hair will shine… and you may even fall in love with one of the “in between” tones!

To make sure you are more Kim K, and less David Bowie in Labyrinth, treatments during your transformation will be essential! Discuss with your hairdresser about adding bhave rescue therapy in to your bleach routine to maintain the integrity and strength of your hair. At home rebuild and protect your hair, whilst banishing any brass tones, with blonde bombshell shampoo & conditioner.

Autumn Buffet

Blonde’s aren’t just for Summer and in Autumn we faun over the champagnes, honeys, strawberries and caramels of the blonde buffet! We’ve left Antarctica and we’re heading for warmer shores north. Don’t take your jumpers off just yet though because your champagne is still a little cool and frosty… nothing worse than a warm champagne are we right?!

Using blonde bombshell shampoo and conditioner will ensure that your blonde is creamy and ash rather than imitating gold brass, keeping that blonde bombshell status.

You may even be here on your way from a brunette brunch to the Ice Queen palace but maybe it’s worth taking a detour, the strawberry blonde fields are very enticing! These deeper blondes are a great transition colour for those winter babes who are striving for the platinum look! During this blonde process your hair will need hydration and repair so make sure to have rescue shampoo and conditioner close by! Give your hair some time out with a weekly deep conditioning masque and your hair will be loving you for the TLC.

Mediterranean Temps

Anyone else starting to work up a little sweat? It’s definitely feeling a little more summery in here! It’s finally time to pack away those layers into winter storage and slip into something a little more comfortable for these island temps! We’re hitting the beach to work on our much needed tan, and our new wide brimmed hat will go perfectly with these golden blonde locks.

At these temps we love a good dip in the pool but remember that all those swan dives can lead to that dreaded green tinge in your beautiful summer locks! Put your defenses up and keep your hair solid gold with blonde bombshell shampoo and conditioner. A top tip in keeping your hair luscious in and out of the water is adding leave-in crème to your hair prior to taking the plunge and your hair will be conditioned and protected!

As we know summer is all about keeping hydrated, and the same goes for your hair! Replenish your hair's moisture with a weekly deep conditioning masque, or use as your regular conditioner to get ultra luscious locks.

Blondes might have more fun, but they’re also a sensitive bunch that need a little more TLC. No matter where you are on the blonde thermostat those locks of yours will need hydration, nourishment and protection. Arm yourself with our blonde must-haves and have a fab hair day every day.

Your hair – Your life – Your rules!

bhave xx