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The bhave Hair Products Everyone With Dry Hair Should Own

The bhave Hair Products Everyone With Dry Hair Should Own

Hands up if you love sunbaking, outdoor walks and picnics by the beach? As the warm weather now starts to tan our cocooned iso bodies, so too will the welcome heat penetrate our hair and in turn … dry it out.

As you may have already experienced for yourself, good hair days are hard to come by, especially if you are prone to dehydrated hair. Spring weather (although deliciously welcoming) can amplify the dryness and cause an array of unwanted hair conditions. But before we point the finger too much at UV, there are other culprits out there that can damage your locks. Home box-colouring, bleaching, over-use of hairdryers and hot irons punch just as hard (if not harder) than natural elements.

You know if your hair is dry if your hair breaks easily (split ends), ends up in knots no matter how you wear it, frizzes, looks despairingly frail and makes you seriously consider cutting it all off.

Whether chemically treated, styled with one too many hair appliances or is naturally that way, your hair shouldn't be KO before you've hit the arena. Trust us when we say that moisturised, healthy hair is actually achievable. How?

With bhave repairing hair products, time and again proves that they are the answer to our prayers. bhave have six hair care products that everyone with dry or damaged hair should own.

Are you ready to make every day a good hair day? Keep reading! Because if you're anything like us, when your hair feels good, you too feel fantastic - and who doesn't want that?

Allow us to introduce to you 6 products that bhave calls to the rescue for damaged hair, including a bonus in-salon treatment. With two masques, a spray, moisturising hair cream, and shampoo and conditioner, these hair care products are the first repairing products that add softness and shine while instantly transforming damaged hair.

Let's get to know each bhave hair product from the range a little better:


Infused with Bioactive Keratin, naturally derived and extracted keratin protein, this shampoo and hair conditioner instantly rebuilds the internal structure and strength of your hair. Featuring a new generation of surface protectors that help heal the hair's internal structure, this duo repairs and strengthens your hair from root to end. The formula is also incredibly lightweight, so your hair will never feel weighed down.

Within just a few uses, your hair will regain its natural vitality, and the moisture levels will be rebalanced. Not to mention, any damaged areas will be long gone. They’re not an award-winning combo for nothing...


Like a genie in a bottle, this bhave hair elixir product will transform your dry and damaged hair. It offers 11 amazing benefits all in one product. Which include:

  • treatment: adds moisture for healthy hair, nourishes and restores, promotes hair growth, helps thicken hair and strengthen brittle hair, soothes and balances the scalp, leaves hair feeling soft, glossy and full of shine
  • manageability: gently detangles, prevents frizzy hair
  • protection: helps slow down the process of split ends, protects hair colour from UV rays.


When it comes to hair treatments, we already know how much you love a product that contains natural ingredients, that's why we are ecstatic to share with you leave-in crème and deep conditioning masque (gorgeous new packaging) with incredible moisturising properties.

Like everything else in the bhave range, these two hair masks are formulated with bioactive keratin and a bunch of other nourishing ingredients; macadamia oil, argan oil, vitamin E, jojoba oil and sunflower seed oil. They nourish the hair fibre from the inside out, and makes your hair shinier, smoother and more resistant.

The leave-in crème will soften, nourish and control unmanageable hair, protect against hair breakage and restore elasticity and shine thanks to the peptides and amino acids in the formulation. The leave-in crème can be used on its own or as a foundation to other styling products.

The Deep Conditioning Masque can be used as a weekly treatment or an everyday conditioner and is ideal for all hair types (or anyone who prefers a heavier-feeling formula).


While prevention of splitting hairs is crucial, there's also a solution to eliminating split ends without chopping off your hair. Let us introduce you to bhave's Fresh Ends, a magic cream which helps smooth, repair, seal and control damaged strands and even helps locks from future splitting.

Sounds amazing, right? Its lightweight texture means it will protect hair without weighing it down or making it greasy. Nourishing and hard-working, this innovative blend of macadamia oil and ceratonia peptides, protects the hair from the inside out by penetrating deep within the hair.

If that's not enough, it leaves hair soft and silky, resulting in healthy hair and more robust locks - how's that for a multi-tasking product? Simply use a sparing amount to mid-lengths and ends after drying your hair. 


Our final product, Rescue Therapy, is an in-salon miracle repair treatment available by appointment with a bhave trained hairdresser – (give us a shout if you want the location of a salon near you). If you have severely damaged hair from excessive colouring, bleaching and over use of heating tools, and need immediate reparative results, then this one is for you. What makes this intense repairing treatment different from any other on the market comes down to the keratin we use.

Unlike keratin used in so many products today, bioactive keratin is extracted without the use of heat so that the vital amino acids and proteins are kept intact and active. Notably bioactive keratin is almost identical to the keratin found in your own hair and effortlessly binds to the internal damage in your hair to give real benefits and results. You can have this treatment whether your hair is extremely damaged or not.

If it's extremely damaged, the keratin will penetrate the hair to help repair the internal structure. If your hair isn't as damaged, you will still reap the benefits, as the keratin will remain on the surface of your hair and create a type of protective barrier. Rescue Therapy is truly a game-changer!

Continue your (hair) road to recovery with the award-winning Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner as it will keep your results lasting for months.

BEFORE bhave rescue therapy

AFTER bhave rescue therapy - img. via the talented @theglossboxsalon

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