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The Bigger, The Better

The Bigger, The Better

Sleek straight locks have been stealing the beauty spotlight for what seems like endless Instagram scrolls, but we’re here to (finally) let you know that BIG volume is back! Before you chuck out the straightener though we have a disclaimer - sleek locks aren’t going anywhere, but their bigger, louder friend is joining them to lead the beauty game hand in hand!

If voluminous hair is something you’ve always lusted over but have also been a bit too scared to experiment with, take it slow and build up in sections to find that magical sweet spot. The degree of volume is up to you, it is your hair and your rules after all…

We’ve always had a fascination with building volume in our locks and in what seems like hair destiny our newest product, Tease Me Volumising Texture Shake, is built to amp up the volume of your mane and vamp it up with height and body! Our new shake creates a feeling of thicker hair, adds texture, provides hold for blow-dries AND absorbs excess oil so your hairstyle can last longer between washes!

If your hair is naturally voluminous, you are one of the VERY lucky ones who’ll be able to rock this trend in an instant. Add Tease Me into your styling routine to get all that gorgeous volume, and have that body holding all day long!

If your locks lack lift, and fall flat naturally, treat them to a little volumising love with our Magnify shampoo and conditioner. The Magnify formula is ultra-nourishing and protective, whilst being super lightweight so that your hair doesn’t get weighed down. Then style with Tease Me to get all that BODY-ODY-ODY!


The first step to hair that not only holds styling, but big voluminous looks, is a HEALTHY mane! You probably hear us harping on about this all the time, but this is truly the most important step to locks that hold a hairstyle past your front door - and being able to style those locks in under 3 hours (healthy hair = manageable, easy to style hair = WINNING)!

To get your locks healthy and strong treat them at home as well as you treat them in the salon! Our haircare range is infused with bioactive keratin and active ingredients; to repair, protect and nourish hair from deep within, whilst being completely paraben and sulphate free! Not sure why that’s a big deal? Because research shows they have serious side effects – and we didn’t need research to tell us nobody wants that. 

Start building up that hair tribe, because in this case size does matter!

bhave xx