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The History Of The Hairbrush

The History Of The Hairbrush

We all know daily brushing makes your hair healthier, shinier and glossier but did you know this humble everyday item has been around since ancient times? Okay they possibly used sticks, rocks and shells to untangle their messy mops, so perhaps we should proclaim a national holiday for Lyda Newman! While she wasn’t the original inventor of the hairbrush, she was granted a patent in November 1898 for the first synthetic bristle brush. Her brush included durable synthetic bristles as well as a ventilation chamber and removable back, which made it easier for cleaning.

When they were first invented hair brushes were for those with wealth and were often given as gifts which were treasured for life, but they have come a long way since then and have evolved with the times allowing women and men of any stature to tame their tresses with ease.

With so many available on the market it’s hard to choose which one is right for you, and who said one was enough anyway? Our bathroom staple is available in all shapes and sizes, (yes we’re still talking about brushes) depending on what look you want to achieve there’s one for every occasion.

Vent brush: This all-purpose brush can be used on all hair types; it enhances airflow to allow large sections of the hair to dry quickly and lifts roots effectively, for gentle body. Use the bhave vent brush (available in this years Christmas pack) with riot oil or super nova for a flawless finish.

Round brush: Ready to turn up the volume? Use a round brush to achieve body when you blow dry, round brushes are available in a variety of sizes so you can choose the amount of volume you like and can create curls as they double up as a leave in hot roller. Add a spritz of bhave volumising foam to achieve maximum volume.

Cushion brush: The cushion brush is another all purpose styling brush with bristles that are mounted on a rubber cushion or mat for added flexibility, to minimize hair breakage during detangling. They’re also great for up styling and smooth blow drying.

Paddle brush: The paddle brush is one of the most popular brushes; its wide flat shape is great for smoothing and anti frizz (praise the lord!). If your hair is thick and straight, this brush will be your BFF and is a must have. The wide base also allows more exposure while blow drying leaving your hair shiny and smooth with each stroke. Add a hint of super nova for added shine.

Detangler brush: Gone are the days of not being able to brush your hair while it’s wet and the myths about breakage when doing so. The detangling brush or wide tooth comb makes life so much easier to smooth strands leaving the hair more manageable (which is what we all want, right?) Featuring widely spaced, flexible teeth, you can simply add your super nova and brush through for super soft hair. Curly haired ladies, rest assured you can use this brush too, just make sure your hair is well conditioned and add a small amount of curl defining cream before styling.

TIP:“When detangling your hair with a detangling brush or wide tooth comb, always start at the ends and work your way up using super nova to help detangle hair easily. Avoid too much brushing as hair is fragile when wet.”

Boar bristle brush: Believe it or not, this brush was originally designed to improve hair texture and shine before shampoos and conditioners came along. Great for all hair types, this brush helps smooth hair each strand at a time eliminating frizz, while stimulating blood flow to the hair follicles, which can help hair’s natural growth.

The condition of your hair relies heavily on the products you choose to nurture it with, so be sure to use professional hair care to prep your hair. We have a gorgeous Christmas pack available in salon with your choice of rescue, hydrator or magnify shampoo and conditioner which also includes a FREE vent brush. It’s heat resistant, minimises drying time and has a non-slip grip for easy handling. Pick yours up at your local bhave salon.