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The Other F-WORDS!

The Other F-WORDS!

The Other F WORDS!

Fine. Flat. Frizzy. Flyaways.

Cover your ears and grab the swear jar. We’re just going to come right out and say them—the worst F-words in the world!

Fine. Flat. Frizzy. Flyaways. Is your swear jar full from these? We’ve had enough and we’re coming to your rescue so that the only F word you are using is FABULOUS!

1. F. F. Flat

We all know that flat hair equals a flat mood, and that nothing will take the bounce out of your step like non-bouncy hair.

But before you let your hair bring you down, we’ve got something for you. Lone behold, another F-word. Foam!

Our volumising foam will give your hair the body, volume and shine you’ve been craving. Now that’s one way to cut down your use of F-words.

2. F. F. Fine

You want your hair to be ‘damn fine’ —but not fine. If you're amongst those of us with hair that values quality over quantity, and you frequently rock a tiny ponytail, consider giving your fine locks a volume boost.

The lightweight formula of our magnify volumising shampoo and conditioner is fortified with macadamia oil, evening primrose oil, vitamin E and more natural ingredients that will make your hair look fuller, thicker and healthier.

But that’s not all! If you’re looking for a little more help to get your hair back on a healthy and luscious path, give our leave-in crème a go. It provides extra moisture, protects against hair breakage and promotes cell growth. Voila! Wonderfully bodacious hair.

3. F. F. Frizzy

If your frizzy hair has got you looking and roaring like a lion—look no further, we’ve found your dream tamer. Our super nova multi-purpose spray will add moisture to your hair, which slows down the process of split ends, promotes hair growth, and most importantly, tames that almighty frizz!

For the ultimate hair taming, check out riot control oil. This magical oil will smooth your hair and add shine, all while protecting your hair from the brutal heat of your hair dryer and straightener.

4. F. F. Flyaways

We all know what it’s like to have hair with a mind of its own, and even though we don’t like to go with the flow (Bright pink hair? Yes please!), that doesn’t mean that your hair strands should be wild too. With just one pump you can finally show your hair who’s boss and capture those pesky fly-aways with bhave fresh ends.

The horror is over, you no longer have to fear these F-words of hair. Swear jar be gone! Now let’s all say it together… Fabulous!

Your hair – Your life – Your rules!