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The Ponytail - From Couch To Friday Nights

The Ponytail - From Couch To Friday Nights

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           img via

We’re calling it, the ponytail is the most underrated hairstyle in the history of slaying locks. Yes, the couch pony might not be screaming fab, but whip that pony into shape and you will have yourself one killer look!

Take your pony from drab to fab with our 5 HOTTEST ponytail styles.


img via

Difficulty level: 6 out of 10

Mostly due to the patience needed to get every strand in formation

Products: Best applied on dirty hair: USE: sleek pomade or riot control oil


img via @reemsharvit1

Difficulty level: 7 out of 10

Again, patience for the strand formation + the added step of adding those lush curls… but oh it’s worth it!

Products: flex styling pastetease me texture shakecurl defining crèmefresh ends


img via

Difficulty level: 3 out of 10

This instantly becomes a 3 if you want to get out the curling wand for your ends, but go au natural and get the twist down and this comes down to a solid 1, that one up from your basic pony skills.

Products: tease me texture shakegunpowder dust


img via

Difficulty level: we’re going to have to break this one into a few categories.

●4 out of 10 for Natural (holding your arms up above your head brings up the difficulty for this one… life’s hard, we know)

●6 out of 10 for Sleek (arms up + the added hot tool time + getting those strands in formation)

●7 out of 10 for Wavy/Curls (arms up + the hot tool time + making sure you look more Bey and less like wild lion)

This one does get the added bonus of being the PERFECT style to hide locks that are a few days past wash day… you’re welcome.

Products: breaking it down again!

●Natural - super nova and fresh ends

●Sleek – sleek pomade and riot control oil

●Wavy/Curls – curl defining crèmefrizz control or riot control oil 


img via

Difficulty level: 9 out of 10

This one gets top level of difficulty because you actually have to know how to braid/have a good level of coordination… sorry for that tough love, tribe. To drop the difficulty, grab that pro-braiding friend, there always seems to be one, or dial up your hairdresser.

Products: leave-in crémegunpowder dust

Next time you’re on the couch and your swipe right asks you for a drink don’t put it off thinking there’s no way - your locks can be killing it in no time, no matter the state your pony is in!

bhave xx