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The real secret to achieving salon style locks

The real secret to achieving salon style locks

We are all too familiar with the struggles many men and women face trying to replicate their hairstyles following a trip to the salon. For many the decline begins when they strut out the salon door empty handed feeling and looking like Gods gorgeous gift to the world, and ends with a stroll down the hair and beauty aisle of their local supermarket to stock up on “haircare essentials”.shutterstock_140016715

You may not have your hairdresser’s skills, developed over years of creating smouldering transformations, however, you do have access to their knowledge - more importantly their collection of salon professional haircare products. By using the correct products for your hair type you can reclaim and maintain that salon perfect style with grace and ease. Love, cherish and adore your hair with these tips guaranteed to make you feel like you just walked out of a salon, every day.

That Faux Fresh Supermarket Feeling

“If you take your $20 hairdryer to the salon and ask them to blow dry your hair with it, they will not get the same result as if they were using their salon professional hair dryer”

  • Neil Cleminson, Creative Director of bhave

We have received a lot of questions from people frustrated with their frizzy hair and what’s not to be frustrated about? Our girls at bhave once donned the frizz! When asking these men and women what shampoo/conditioner they used they usually say a cheaper, renowned supermarket brand. These products can often act as a “band-aid” solution, producing a soft and silky illusion by coating your hair in chemicals that in the long run have no benefit. These products are created using low quality ingredients often containing sodium chloride, paraben & sulphate nasties and contain harsh detergents to help lather your hair - all in the name of an “affordable” haircare solution.

No one can afford the long term damage these products can have on your style, confidence and the health of your hair. With this in mind, salon professional products are created for performance, with a range of active ingredients used to give every hair type the chance to bring order to their misbhaving locks!

Choosing the Right Products For Your Hair

Achieving salon professional style comes down to being able to identify your hair type, knowing what questions to ask your hairdresser, and being able to listen to their advice. We’re normally all for breaking the rules, but once in a while there comes a time to bhave - your hair’s fate is at stake after all!

Salon professional products are often more concentrated than your well known supermarket products allowing them to perform better and often last longer - you’ll be left s-a-t-i-s-f-i-e-d! Containing far less water (labelled as aqua on the bottle), you only need to use a fraction of your salon professional product as opposed to any product you find on a supermarket shelf. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, only a 20 cent coin worth is necessary to use each time, allowing your salon professional products to provide more value before needing to be replenished.

Whether your hair type is normal, oily, dry or a combination, salon professional products do not discriminate so be sure to ask your hairdresser what they recommend for your hair’s condition. Most salon professional products are also sodium chloride, paraben & sulphate free ensuring that they aren’t just great for your hair but also for the environment.

Shampoo group - July 2015

Sashay Away and Don’t Forget to bhave!

Treat your hair as an investment! After spending hours in the salon achieving the hair of your dreams why would you let your time and money go down the drain after you inevitably wash your hair? How can anyone love your hair if you don’t first give it some love of your own?

Put your trust in salon professional products that enable you to feel incredible and that are kind to your body and the world around you. Reserve supermarkets for your weekly grocery trip and join the babes at bhave, we promise you’ll thank us later.