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The top 3 hair crimes that are causing your bad hair day

The top 3 hair crimes that are causing your bad hair day

Have you been on a diet but always found chocolate in your basket during your weekly shop? Have you been keen on someone but text them just one too many times (honestly why don’t people appreciate follow up texts every five to ten minutes - it’s cute right?) We’ve all been there ladies - we swear self-sabotage should be our middle name at times but when it comes to our hair, we learnt to practice restraint years ago.

We all want to have the best hair possible, and yet like our diets, and our love interests we often fall short due to habits we just can’t shake. We’re here to lay down the law on some serious hair crimes that can transform gorgeous hair into a bad hair day in minutes! As a bhave babe, your number one mission is to love yourself. The second, is to show your hair some love and respect and vow to never commit these hair atrocities.


Why would anyone shower alone when they don’t have to? Your choice in bathroom products can make or break your shower time, and more importantly can be the difference between a good and bad hair day. By keeping an eye out for hair nasties that can often be used to cheaply create a commercial shampoo and conditioning product you will be able to play safe and experiment more readily with your hair. This means saying so long to any products containing detergents, parabens and sulphates commonly found in your supermarket haircare aisle and saying HELLO BEAUTIFUL to a salon professional range that shows you and your hair the best time.

Whilst you may think you play safe, how you apply your protection is half the challenge. Ensuring that you’re conditioning the shaft and dry areas of your hair will allow you to effectively cleanse and refresh your hair for that salon quality shine and style, For curly haired ladies this can often be an issue so be sure to detangle your hair by combining conditioner through with a wide tooth comb.

Playing safe doesn’t just finish when you’re wet.Our Mamas’ used to tell us that we would get a cold if we went to bed with wet hair - but ladies, that’s the least of our troubles. Whilst having a wet pillow can open up the door to a gross germ filled sleep, falling asleep with wet hair can also leave your hair frizzy and hard to tame through unevenly drying throughout the night. Ensure that you never wake up in hair hell again by never going to bed wet - after all our Mamas’ raised ladies!


No matter how good of an idea it had appeared to be at the time, your choice of styling products can swiftly take your hair from glam to “oh damn, girl what happened to you?” To ensure you don’t commit this hair care sin, you must first ensure that the products you’re using, like your shampoo and conditioners, are free of any nasties which can accelerate the oil product or drying out of your hair fibre.

How you apply your new salon professional product is just as important to avoid a hair catastrophe. Whilst we adore a good fat root, we highly recommend to steer clear of applying styling products on the root of your hair fibre unless it’s a root lifter or volumiser like our gunpowder dust and volumising foam. By doing this your hair will maintain its malleability and lightness without being weighed down by excess product. Remember to give your entire hair fibre a work over when styling, but always keep an eye on how much product you’re using to avoid flat, greasy hair.


A blow(dry) can be HOT - if you know what you’re doing. Using the wrong settings on a hairdryer, curler, or straightener can be devastating to your hair - remember ladies, we’re not trying to get a tan here! Use a lower setting when drying curly hair and keep it high when drying straight and sleek. Avoid getting heated too fast by never having your heating appliances on the highest temperature setting to avoid any potential hair disasters.

You’ll never hear us complaining about something being too big to manage as we like to work in sections. When sections are too large there is too much hair for your brush to handle, so keep them between 2-4 cm for the most satisfying results. Be sure to use a small round brush for shorter hair layers like your fringe and a larger round brush for longer layers to create lush barrel curls and jaw dropping volume.

Remember when the temperature begins to rise you must never forget to go in unprotected! By utilising a salon professional product that contains active heat protecting properties like those in our leave in crème and riot oil, you can rest assured that you’ll be fighting fit to beautifully style your hair with heat in the future.


Being a chair jumper

Whilst some say the grass is greener on the other side, “cheating” on your stylist could bring an end to your good hair days - why take the risk? Your relationship develops and deepens as your hairstylist naturally gains a greater understanding of your hair, your style and what will always make you happy so once you find a great stylist we suggest you stay faithful!

If your last cut is what’s pushing you to jump, then it’s best to communicate why you weren’t satisfied. If you’ve experienced magic with your hairstyle before, then we’re telling you the guy down the street is going to find that hard to beat in the first sitting.

Addicted to ponies

Who can blame you? There is nothing easier and more stylish than tying your hair back and getting the job done - but this is a habit we all need to break. Hair ties are not our hair’s friend. They can cause serious breakage through adding acute pressure to your hair, causing flyways and frizz. If at all possible, cut way back on the hair tie usage and look into clips - they’re 90’s retro and sooooo in or you could opt for invisibobble hair ties.

Skipping regular haircuts

You wouldn’t skip brushing your teeth (we hope!) so why would you skip getting a hair cut? We’re telling you maintaining your hair with regular haircuts will make your life easier. Haircuts have a shelf life of 4-8 weeks before they start to lose shape and become harder to style, often developing flyways and split ends that need to go.


A bhave babe often lives by her own rules, but whilst appearing insignificant alone, these hair crimes can build up to a hair catastrophe. It’s your hair and your life but ladies - take these hair do’s and don’ts as law!