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The top 5 most hated facial features we can’t help but love!

The top 5 most hated facial features we can’t help but love!

Do you have a big nose? A bum chin? A forehead large enough to lease? What if we were to tell you we find those features incredibly spellbinding? At bhave we can’t bring ourselves to discriminate! We love all things big, small, straight and curved… We celebrate diversity enabling beauty to come in all shapes and sizes. Many of us have those facial features we love and those we try and hide, but why? Rule 365 in the bhave babe rule book is simple - to be a bhave babe, you need to love yourself(and others) inside and out, year round - so cut the B.S and LISTEN UP - we’re here to teach you how to photograph your gorgeous self from your best angle. Which side is that you ask? Every side ladies, as we know how to shape your style to flaunt what your mama gave you!


We like them BIG, we like them pointy - that makes you an Alexandrian goddess ladies! Are you a nosey gal and find yourself constantly avoiding your profile due to your prolific shnoz? Well Leah Michelle doesn’t give a damn and neither should you! We’re telling you all you need to do is choose a style featuring side swept bangs to begin loving the camera the way the camera adores you! Generally medium to long hair works best, whilst layers, soft waves and curls can add softness to your features, capturing the eyes attention.

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BE WARNED - blunt bangs, short cropped cuts and sleek hair aren’t your friend so keep your hair long, lush and textured. Knock ‘em dead with our gunpowder to style, you’ll be thanking your nose for your adored fashionable edge!


We tremble at the sight of a good bum ….chin! Whether you think your chin is too angular or round, we’re here to tell you you’re wrong! Similar to a prominent nose, by picking a “banging” style, whilst keeping your lines simple, you can transform your “Buzz Lightyear” view of your chin, into your most prized feature. Longer is better, especially for prominent chins, so try to keep your style at least neck or shoulder length and consider layered ends and softer curves. Be sure that your hair is carefree by detangling with our super nova spray and be on your way to becoming comfortable with your chin.

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NO, we aren’t necessarily smarter than your average Joe having a high forehead - but boy, do we know how to work this “problem feature” for all it’s worth (with land prices rising we’d say that’s a lot).

When dealing with a high forehead, it’s generally good to consider a fringe/bangs styled forward onto the face to minimise the amount of forehead visible. For some, this provides us with sooooo much room to play with! So get creative and go blunt, textured, or stylised with your statement front fringe.

For individuals with a low forehead, we find that styling your hair away from the face (we love it backwards), will produce a sleek look, allowing you more room for your brows to pop! For ladies with shorter hair seeking a sleek sophisticated look, send your hair backwards with a touch of our sleek pomade to achieve an edgy editorial look. While you’re there, apply some to your eyebrows and watch as your self esteem transform from geek to on fleek!


Just like a cut crease can seemingly ruin your chances of creating some awesome eye art with your Morphe XJaclyn Hill palette, many people think that close-set eyes mean that their chances of ever not wearing sunglasses to hide their tiny pin prick eyes are non-existent! We’re here to tell you that you’re melodramatic and in need of a hair style update! By styling your hair forward on the side of your face, you can decrease this appearance and make the face look more proportioned. When dealing with wide-set eyes, avoid volume on the side of the hairstyle and keep the hair away from the face. By keeping skin visible on the outer side of the eyes allows balance and proportion to intervene, allowing your eyes to POP!


Since when has having a big mouth been a bad thing?

Enhance your wide mouth with longer sweeping styles that avoid crowding the face, and let your lips do all the talking! Small mouthed gals need not fear as we can easily maximise your appearance by going shorter and blunter, drawing the line of your face inward to make your jaw seem less wide and more balanced with your mouth. What did your friends say again? Oh, right they want to know the name of your hairdresser…we say send them a link to our salon locator and let them fend for themselves.


“Today you are YOU, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is more youer than You!”

– Dr. Seuss

No matter what you identify to be your problem feature, remember that without it you wouldn’t be you! You may go shorter or sharper to hide that feature. You may even change your colour to completely steal the show. At the end of the day, someone out in our big world finds you beautiful and now it’s time for YOU to LOVE YOU!