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This is how you survive flight hair

This is how you survive flight hair


We love this time of year. Holidays are looming, exotic destinations are calling, adventures are afoot – well to be fair we love any time of year where this combination occurs. The only drawback to jet-setting from my suburban backyard to an adventure flavoured destination is the flight there and the flight hair.

Of course, for some of you, this is a more frequent issue with business trips and interstate living which puts, even more, pressure on you to look fabulously relaxed on the destination end of your trip.

So we’ve had a brainstorming session at bhave HQ to compare notes and tips and share them with you.

Long or short hair you’re probably going to be dealing with one of three very real problems which are flat spots caused from awkward head rests and even more awkward cat naps, lacklustre and limp arrival hair or crazy static hair.

Here’s the pool of tips that work for us:

  • Pack a punch and pump up the volume with a shot of gunpowder before you land. Just because it’s limp doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Go procure one of those bathroom closets and add a puff of gunpowder to add lift to your limp look and soak up any excess oil on your roots. Add a top knot as the plane starts descending then remove it when you land. This will add some lift - to your hair and spirit.
  • Work your curl. If you’ve got a natural curl that likes to masquerade as frizz – show it who's boss with a lick of leave-in crème. Squeeze a small amount into the palm of your hand and apply to your hair, especially concentrating on the ends.
  • Combat the static that rubbing your head against the head rests creates by breaking out the riot control oil. A small pump into your palm worked through your ends and working towards your roots will kerb that frizz.
  • Slick it back. Short haired beauties can turn aeroplane chaos into sophistication that screams professional traveller like nothing else. A small amount of sleek pomade added before landing to your dry hair will add texture and style. Use in conjunction with a swept back ponytail and you're going to look like you’re a black belt in long haul flights.
  • Check out our travel packs. Do you self a favour and throw one of our travel packs in your purse. This travel sized fun bag has all you need to combat flight hair and then some.
  • Flight Essentials. Add some hair ties, a miniature pack of facial cleansing wipes, lip balm, travel sized deodorant, toothbrush, mouthwash, tissues and some spritzing water and you are going to pop out the other side of your flight with ninja stealthiness.

your hair, your flight, your rules!