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Treading on thin ice - how to disguise hair thinning.

Treading on thin ice - how to disguise hair thinning.

It can often feel like a never-ending struggle to try to make fine, limp and thinning hair look big and fabulous. It’s a cruel trick of nature that as we age, we find ourselves in a constant battle to prolong the life-cycle of our precious hair, though the odds are often against us.

There are many culprits involved in the slow demise of our once full and lucent hairline, but many of these are inevitable. Fortunately, you don’t have to resign yourself to a lifetime of scarves and hats, as the best way to bring back the boost is to change up your hairstyle, colour and styling regime to support your hair load.

Cut to the point

At times it might feel disheartening, as though we’re going thin in all the wrong places, but your hair is typically happy to help you out. You just need to know what to do with it and train it to join you on your quest to take the years off and bring back that youthful bounce.

As we get older, a more youthful appearance is often best reflected by a shorter haircut. Taking off the inches and adding strategic layers is the quickest way to add volume and bounce to your tress. Cascading layers around your face will frame and provide body and thickness - we recommend styling your tresses with the bhave super nova leave-in elixir to help thicken and strengthen your hair. If you tend to rock bangs, ensure that they start further back on your head to keep your fringe looking on point.

Lighten your load

For those of us who are follicly challenged, you may or may not have noticed that a darker shade often makes hair thinning more noticeable. Experiment with a few shades lighter and you are likely to feel like a younger-looking you! Many women actually feel more texture in their hair once it’s coloured as colour swells your hair cuticle and makes it appear to have extra volume. Yes please!

Bottle it up

Amp it up with a good spread of hair care! Choosing the right products that are going to boost your roots without causing any damage is vital. Avoid chemicals such as sulphates, parabens, sodium chloride and alcohol as these can increase the rate of hair thinning. Try using our magnify shampoo to gently cleanse while adding vitality and volume. We also suggest boosting your roots with a spritz our volumising foam before blow-drying.

TIP: It’s what’s inside that counts too! Don’t forget to nourish and stimulate hair growth from the inside. A healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables including spinach, carrots, sweet potato, eggs, oats, lean proteins, strawberries and yoghurt will help improve and maintain hair health resulting in more lustrous hair.

Blow out

Blowy’s can be time consuming, and often the last activity you feel like doing at 8am, but a blow-dry’s assistance with the appearance of your tress is not to be shrugged at. If you’re truly wanting to inject some life back into your hair, you’ve got to turn up the heat.Using a round brush, pull sections of your hair up and in the opposite direction of the way it naturally falls - this will help create a voluptuous illusion that will have your friends begging for your sassy secret. Avoid undoing all your good work and stick to a plastic brush, as metal brushes pull on the hair causing further damage and speeding up the hair thinning process.

Pump it up

The good times don’t finish with a blowy - there’s more work to be done to achieve true bhave babe status. Continue to pump up your mane by letting your hair cool on velcro rollers - you’ll achieve some foxy volume by rolling the hair out from your face in sections, before focusing on the hair from your forehead. Treat yourself to a little “me time”, and keep the rollers in for a minimum of 10 minutes before removing.

Harden up

Hairspray might seem a little high maintenance, but unless you want to be repeating your hair plumping regime three times a day, setting your do with a quick spritz is essential. Make sure your spritzing power is light and flexible to avoid feeling hard and sticky.

Don’t bemoan your fine strands - work with what you’ve got and let your hair be your greatest accessory once more. Your hair, your life, your rules!