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Valentines Day - Our Favourite Couples With Great Hair!

It’s one of the most-loved days of the year because we get to spoil ourselves and our partners, just because! Whether you embrace Valentine’s Day or not, we say it’s great to think of it as a day to appreciate yourself and that includes your fabulous hair!

This Valentine’s Day we’ve decided to appreciate our favourite couples and their gorgeous locks and as a little gift to you, we’ll share some tips so you can achieve gorgeous hair just like theirs.

First things first! Congratulations Harry and Meghan!

Love is in the air! It’s the romantic love story we’ve all been glued to since late last year. Seriously, how in love are Harry and Meghan!? And their photos in Vanity Fair were just stunning!

We love that they’ve found each other and more importantly, LOVE her rich glossy locks and his gorgeous spicy ginger hair! Clearly they’re a match made in heaven and Meghan’s hair is just perfection (we’re sure she straightens it!) it’s luscious and oh so smooth and we have the inside scoop for you to get the look at home!

Firstly, for a smooth finish like Meghan’s we recommend our bhave keratin smoothing therapy, this helps tame the frizz so you wake up with sleek, smooth locks every day! Once you’ve styled your hair, simply add a pump of riot control oil to the mid lengths for added shine and a pea sized amount of fresh ends for that soft and silky finish!

The Blonde leading the Blonde - Ellen and Portia

Isn’t it funny how you instantly smile when you see Ellen DeGeneres? The Queen of daytime TV has perfected her signature short, messy pixie cut which she’s been sporting forever… (Could you even imagine her with long hair?) We love how her jagged fringe frames her face and her chopped in layers keep volume on top!

If you’re a pixie cut babe too, try using our versatile bhave pomadeto tame flyaways and add volume or our styling pastewhich is super flexible and creates texture in the hair. If your hair is limp, try a pump of the almighty gunpowderon your roots which adds more texture and grit for that ‘I just rolled out of bed’ look.

Portia changes it up from the bob to the lob and no matter which style she rocks, she always maintains a sleek and styled mane. Both of these babes are blonde so using our blonde shampoo and brand NEW blonde conditionerkeeps the brassiness at bay and brings blonde back to life.

To get Portia’s look, use gunpowder dust in the roots and prep with volumising foam for added body. Lastly finish with flex styling paste to eliminate frizz and add shine.

Posh and Becks – better every year!

After almost 20 years of love and affection, 4 beautiful kids and 100 hair styles later (blonde, brown, long, short) and that’s both of them! It’s hard to pick which one of these two is more stylish!

We love how this happy couple have grown into their look and evolved over the years (and we love a man not afraid to colour his hair!) We certainly think the pair of them have never looked better.

Posh is rocking her natural hair colour which looks luscious and healthy and with a pump of our supernova leave-in elixir, your hair can be left shining and luscious too!

Becks maintains a classic short back and sides with some length on top. Ladies, if you want your man looking this good, invest in a tub of our pomade which will guarantee style with maximum hold.

Posh and Becks continue to be a real true life love story and for that, these two are our favourite Valentines Day couple for 2018.