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What doesn’t kill you, only makes you blonder: Questions to ask and things to consider before going brunette to blonde

What doesn’t kill you, only makes you blonder: Questions to ask and things to consider before going brunette to blonde

They say blondes have more fun and that you should always try something once, however not all brunettes look good with blonde hair, so how do you know if it’s for you?

Is making “the switch” going to complement your eye colour and skin tone?

Going blonde is a monumental commitment and a change of mind can often result in a messy divorce (okay, maybe not that bad!). With that in mind, it’s crucial to do the research on which shade of blonde is best for you. A cooler skin tone (pink and olive undertones) is likely to be complemented by an ashy blonde, while a warmer skin tone (yellow and gold undertones) is going to be set afire by a golden shade of blonde.

DID YOU KNOW – When trying to figure out whether you have a warm or cool skin tone, look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If your veins are blue or purple, you’re likely cool-toned. If they’re green, you’re likely to be warm toned.

Going, going, blonde. Are you ready to put your money where your hair is?

Simply put, going from dark to blonde is no one-night-stand. It requires commitment, money and the skill of a good colourist. You’ll need to mentally prepare for numerous appointments and treatments, as making drastic changes from home is an embargo you don’t want to experience. Again, research and planning are key, so make sure you book in a consultation to discuss your hair history versus colour goals before plunging into the 4-6 week transformation.

With each visit a little more than a “quickie”, you can expect to be spending several hours in the salon. It’s likely that your stylist will ease you into your blonde bombshell appearance through a sequence of a soft ombre, into baby lights and gradually a full head of highlights. The slow evolution of dark to blonde is quintessential in maintaining the health of your hair, and it’s important to understand that the “in-between” look you might experience is a vital part of the process. Remember, everyone’s lightening process will be different depending on the history of your hair and texture.

TIP: Protect and revitalise your hair during and after each phase of your transformation by asking your stylist to add the rescue therapy to the bleach AND after the bleaching.

You can have your cake and eat it too by maintaining and revitalising your locks and with the rescue shampoo and conditioner or bombshell blonde shampoo (helps eliminate brassiness)and rescue conditioner to help repair and rebuild the hair follicle. For ultra-bouncy and conditioned hair, we suggest using the deep intense conditioning masques. Bottom line, being blonde isn’t cheap as it is high maintenance as you will need to go in for touch ups depending on the contrast of your natural colour vs your new blonde.

Does your hair have what it takes to lighten up?

Bleaching your hair is no small feat. The chemicals involved can be unforgiving, and can permanently affect the texture of your hair in some cases. We suggest undergoing some in-salon rescue treatments to help repair and revitalise your tress to get it spick ’n span before embarking on your blonde adventure! The bhave rescue therapy is loaded with 100% natural bioactive keratin and can be used as a “post-colour treatment” or can be added to highlights to inhibit damage while the colouring takes process. Trust your stylist’s verdict as they will know whether going blonde is going to be your next best asset or a heart-breaking fiasco.

Our advice to you – After investing time, money and emotions on the road to blondedom, we recommend you invest back into your investment by using products that will keep your blonde in its sexy and healthy state. 

Products we recommend to help maintain your healthy, shiny, sexy blonde locks are:

♥ FRESH ENDS – Apply to your ends. Designed and formulated to smooth, repair and seal split ends.

♥ RIOT CONTROL OIL – Apply to mid-lengths to ends. Helps to fight frizz while restoring shine and increase manageability.

♥ LEAVE-IN CREME – Softens, nourishes and controls unmanageable hair. Formulated to protect against hair breakage, restore elasticity & shine, promotes cell growth and includes thermal protective qualities.

♥ DEEP INTENSE CONDITIONING MASQUE – Injects a shot of intense moisture and helps repair extreme stressed, coloured, dry or damaged hair.

♥ SUPER NOVA LEAVE-IN ELIXIR – A multi-purpose, all-in-one remedy for hydrating thirsty, stressed strands to smoothing and protecting as it detangles and strengthens.

♥ RESCUE INTENSE REPAIR SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER – Rebuilds, rehabilitates and repairs dry, brittle and damaged hair.

♥ BOMBSHELL BLONDE SHAMPOO – Using a blonde toning shampoo is a must. Use it once a week to banish brassiness. Purple is the opposite of yellow on the colour wheel and will cancel out any yellowy tones.

Turn up off the heat!

If your “do” depends on a lot of heat styling appliances, we suggest thinking twice about leaving the dark side. Blonde hair is more fragile than dark and overuse of heating appliances can further damage or even snap the hair. We suggest cutting down on regular use and investing in straighteners with a temperature control for when you simply cannot forfeit some fabulously styled locks (set temperature at approximately 170 degrees Celsius / 335 degrees Fahrenheit). Make sure you ALWAYS use a heat protectant before styling to help minimise any damage. You can use a concoction of riot control oil, leave-in crème and super nova to shield your tresses from heat.

If you’re not quite ready to trade in your dark for gold or platinum, you could opt for babylights, or a soft ombre. Whatever the final verdict may be, ensure you take care of your newly lightened do and most importantly - don’t forget to ROCK IT!

Your hair, your life, your rules!