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What steps are involved in a keratin smoothing? Part 2

What steps are involved in a keratin smoothing? Part 2


You’re considering getting a smoothing treatment but you want to know what’s involved (we love that about you). So here’s a guide of what to expect.

Step 1. – Have a consultation with your stylist. We cannot stress enough how important this step is in the process. Your stylist is a professional who is able to assess the texture and condition of your hair, talk you through what’s achievable, the cost and the time you need to set aside. This sets you up for the best experience possible and avoids any unwelcome surprises.

Step 2. – On your appointment day, the salon will wash your hair with a specifically formulated shampoo that removes any residue from previous products. Why does that matter? If your hair is not prepped for the keratin smoothing treatment it will affect the results you get. Your hair needs to be squeaky clean to be ready to smoothe.

Step 3. – The salon will apply the keratin smoothing treatment similarly to an all over colour. How long will it need to stay on? Glad you asked – the treatment itself will be left on your hair for 30-60 minutes. The exact time will be determined by your hairdresser after they have assessed the texture and thickness of your hair.

Step 4. - A small amount of the treatment residue will be rinsed. Your hair may even still feel a little slippery after this so (almost like it still has conditioner in it) don’t worry this is normal.

Step 5.Your hairdresser will blow-dry and then straighten your hair. They will use straightening irons to smooth it. You get to take your hair home and show it off to your family and friends but you’re not finished just yet.

Step 6. – Once you get home you mustn’t wash your hair for 48 hours. Even though you may have the urge to wash it as it doesn’t feel like you want just yet - resist. You also mustn’t tie it up or wet it. Remember it’s only 48 hours to reach the pot of gold benefits. If your hair does get wet, don't panic simply dry the wet section and go over it once or twice with a straightening iron.

Step 7.48 hours later you get to wash it out. Please don’t wait any longer than this as there are no benefits but you may dry the ends out. This is where we recommend using our shampoo and conditioner so that you are maximizing the treatment you’ve invested in. If you choose to use other products you do risk stripping out all of that amazing keratin and damaging your freshly smoothed hair. Our products are paraben and sodium chloride free which is important and they’re loaded with raw natural keratin plus a little goes a long way.

Step 8. – Reap the rewards. You now have the option to either air-dry your hair without it being frizzy and uncontrollable or achieving that straight, sleek, smooth result in a fraction of the time and feel fabulous too.

Congratulations you’re a smoothe babe!

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