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What’s the difference between Keratin Smoothing and Permanent Straightening?

What’s the difference between Keratin Smoothing and Permanent Straightening?

bhave babes! What is stopping you from becoming a Smooth Criminal? We’re often spoiled for choice with salon professional hair treatments guaranteeing results you can see - after you pay the money to get the treatment done in the first place of course… We’re here to school you on the difference between a Keratin Smoothing Therapy and Permanent Straightening so you’re armed with the information needed to fight the frizz or to loosen those curls, to make your hair bhave once and for all!

What is permanent straightening?

Permanent Hair Straightening AKA Japanese Straightening AKA the death of versatility, utilises thermal reconditioning products to straighten the curliest of hair FOREVER! Breaking down and reforming the hair fibre, permanent straightening can leave your hair brittle and vulnerable to future damage. Some see permanent straightening can seriously dry your hair out which is why most specialists don’t recommend using it on bleached or highlighted hair.

What’s so great about being straight anyway? You can decide to have your hair up or down - or maybe if you’re feeling crazy, swept to the side - that’s it! Once hair is permanently straightened with a solution and neutralising mask, similar to perming your hair, your hair will continue to remain straight until you begin to develop regrowth. This regrowth can only then be treated separately as reapplication of thermal reconditioning products to already permanent straightened hair can have dire effects to the health of your hair. The catch 22 is that you cannot achieve any body or curl (even with the assistance of our curl defining crème) with permanently straightened hair, and will have to commit to continue straightening treatments unless you’re prepared to endure a grow out period - and you thought your roots were bad!

What is keratin smoothing?

Do you spend ludicrous hours blow-drying and flat-ironing your hair to loosen your curls, or to fight frizz? Humidity definitely isn’t our friend, so like us, you’re the perfect candidate for Keratin Smoothing (we promise we don’t say that to every bhave babe that comes our way).

Leave your baggage at the door as Keratin Smoothing doesn’t break down the internal structure of your hair like Permanent Straightening does, instead it slowly washes out over time. Impacting the outside layer of the hair, this treatment works to smooth out the hair cuticle and repair hair damage. It also has the ability to be safely applied to all kinds of hair types and colours and can be reapplied to a full head of hair due to the fact that it washes out. Amazing right?

Like it a little hot? This treatment is heat activated, fighting frizz and reducing your curl or wave by the simple use of a hairdryer, allowing you to easily achieve a smooth, straight result. Unlike Permanent Straightening, Keratin Smoothing allows you to achieve a variety of hair styles so don’t forget to turn up the volume sometime with our volumising foam and celebrate!

We’re not the type to brag, but bhave’s Keratin Smoothing Therapy can last upwards of 5 months with proper after care. Remember to play it safe and have a thorough consultation with your stylist before undergoing any Keratin Smoothing Treatment, so that they know exactly what your hair has been up to.

Remember to invest in your investment!

No matter what treatment you decide is right for you, at the end of the day you’re coughing up the dollars to invest in your hair so be sure to take care of it! To promote the longevity of your results, be sure to use the right products at home. Our range of shampoos and conditioners contain bioactive keratin that is almost identical to hair keratin and are super concentrated and formulated to last, so you know what they say, a little goes a long way!

WARNING! Be sure to avoid any hair products that contain sodium chloride after having a keratin smoothing treatment or risk stripping (which is normally loads of fun, when you’re undergoing a colour change of course!) your treatment from your hair. It’s your hair, your life, and your rules ladies so we expect you’ll make the right decision for you!