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Why we loved these inspiring hair trends in 2016

Why we loved these inspiring hair trends in 2016

Granny Chicgrey-ombre

Going grey, whether with purple tinges or grombre graduations, took us by storm. We were inspired and captivated by the boundary shifting, strikingly grey dos that filled our screens and the sirens that wore them.



We got hooked on rainbows, from soft pastel combinations to raucous displays of boldness. We just couldn’t get enough of the masterpieces those crazy talented colourists were inventing and the courageous girls that were wearing them so boldly.

Seductively Succulent


Imagination knew now bounds when succulent hair colouring hit town. Who knew colour could mimic nature so perfectly. Exotic shades of purple and green were blended seamlessly by the talented colourists as this trend spread.

Rose Gold

rosegoldWe loved it in jewellery, phone casings and shoes and then it hit hair – wow! Rose gold’s depth and warmth won us over without even trying.

Oil Slick


Oil slicks took on a new life in 2016. From environmental disaster to shining light. We loved how they turned brunettes into shimmering goddesses.

The styles that we loved in 2016


Texture, texture and texture. Short, long, tight and loose, waves and soft curls were everywhere.


Knots, braids and buns came of age in a way that screamed easy sophistication.


We love the art form that is the undercut. Most of all we love that some remain a secret to be revealed at just the right moment.

If we’ve missed something that you loved or are bold enough to try, drop us an email, send us a picture, tag us on Instagram or facebook and let’s start a conversation.

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