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Why your beach hair needs special care

Why your beach hair needs special care


Beach holidays mean blue skies, white sand and the sound of lapping waves. Or exposure to UV damage, frizz and salt water or chlorine infused strands. So what can you do to reduce summer hair damage?

We're so glad you asked. We just happen to have prepared a list of beach hair remedies to help your hair to come through summer looking and feeling healthy.

  • First and foremost, cover up. There is nothing pleasant about UV damaged hair or sun fried scalps. Grab a stylish straw hat, scarf or funky umbrella to provide some much-needed shade and make good use of them throughout summer.
  • Just like your skin your hair is prone to UV damage and just like your skin sun damaged hair is ageing. Don't leave home without spritzing super nova through your freshly washed, towel-dried hair before your outdoor adventures. Not only will super nova calm your frizz and nourish your locks, it will provide some UV protection for beach hair too.
  • If you love swimming either in a pool or at the beach running a dollop of leave-in crème through your hair first will help reduce the drying damage from salt water and chlorine.
  • Rinse your hair through with fresh water after swimming at the beach or a dip in the pool. Removing chlorine and sea salt will help prevent frizz and salt build up.
  • Work some me time into your holiday schedule and pack a tube of deep intense conditioning masque into your bag. Plan a morning, when you can apply the masque to your hair, grab some great reading material, don your hat and lay back, letting the indirect heat from the sun, work your deep conditioners magic. When you’ve had enough, rinse out the treatment and remember to condition as normal to close those cuticles and retain the wonderful moisture you’ve just infused your hair with.
  • Relax and let your hair relax. Pack your bag with hair clips and hair ties that will allow you to swoosh it up, pull it into a ponytail or two, or braid it into submission without having to break out all the usual heat driven styling paraphernalia.
  • If your blonde gets it’s green on because of the chlorinated pool and you don’t have any blonde shampoo or conditioner to act as a toner, don’t be afraid to rinse it with a good squeeze of lemon juice or alternatively with diluted tomato sauce. Sounds weird but it’s one of those wives tales that actually works to tone down those green tinges.
  • If you’re a red-headed hottie or a banging brunette and you’re thinking of getting your colour done before your beach escapade, consider holding off until your return. You will avoid colour fade and the heartbreak of having to do that colour all over again on your return. Super nova is also a great way to protect your colour from those merciless UV rays.
  • Invest in an oil to soothe the frizz. Our riot control oil is an expert at taming frizz in summer (and winter) situations while being light enough that even fine haired girls can use it.
  • If you’re worried about transitioning from day hair to night hair our gunpowder will inject volume to take your hair from beach hair to bar wear. Position the directional nozzle at your roots and pump a small amount of powder (a little goes a long way). Use your fingers to lift the roots upwards away from your scalp and working in the powder gently.

Where ever you are spending your holidays this year we hope that it involves much laughter and the company of people who bring you joy.

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